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Driving Sales and Success


Avocados from Mexico account for over 70% share of the US market for Hass avocados. We are the only source of avocados available year-round! As the reigning category leader, Avocados from Mexico is continually executing aggressive marketing programs that build brand momentum and consumer consumption. Avocados from Mexico continually invests in category management and research to provide the latest, most relevant insights to help drive the category.

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When it comes to avocados, offering consumers more choice and quarantining year round attention through displays, merchandising and promotion is making a real difference.

  • For the 52 weeks ending 5/17/2015 Avocado’s are one of the best performing items in produce posting an 11% increase in volume and a 10.3% increase in dollars (IRI/Category Partners).
  • While the Western and South Central states continue to be the strongest Avocado regions, the North East, South East, Great Lakes, Mid-South and Plains state regions experienced double digit volume growth, and the South East, Great Lakes and Mid-South regions saw double digit dollar growth (IRI/Category Partners). The popularity of Avocado’s is growing from coast-to-coast and border to border.
  • Year round supply has certainly supported the sales, but equally important are that Avocado growers and retailers are offering consumers a broader choice of sizes, and more bagged items, especially during key Holiday periods

1. Cross merchandise: Display avocados next to items they partner with in meals and recipes. As an example, merchandise avocados next to tomatoes, onions, lemons and limes. This reminds customers to purchase these items, and provides a beautiful color contrast as well. But don’t stop there, a secondary display near bagged salads, or near the deli can help drive plus sales.
2. The U.S. consumer is becoming increasingly diverse both by age, gen x, millennials and baby boomers, and ethnicity, Hispanics, Asians. Offer, promote and price various sizes of avocados to respond to a rapidly changing and diverse shopper base.

3. Merchandise and sign ripe avocados: 10% of non-restaurant eating occasions take place within 1 hour of purchase, and the number of same day purchase / consumption occasions are increasing rapidly (The Hartman Group).

4. Promote creatively: Create displays that are eye catching. Tie them into holidays, sporting events, entertaining and occasions where families and friends gather.

5. While the avocado category has grown, shelf space has not increased to keep up with the growth.

  • Retailers should increase shelf space to expand assortment by offering small, large and bagged avocados, providing consumers with more choice and price points.
  • Top-tier markets average more than double the retail shelf space as mid-tier markets—14 sq. ft. vs. 6.6 sq. ft. Expanding shelf space from 6.6 to 11 sq. ft. could increase avocado contribution from today’s average of 2.9% (IRI / Category Partners), to a projected 3.3%.

6. POP that highlights nutritional benefits, or recipe ideas will generate additional consumer interest.

1. Feature multiple avocado items in the same promotion—like small and large size avocados at different price points, it’ll respond to different shoppers. Whenever possible, combine circular promotions with in-store price reductions.

2. Promote frequently: Avocados are available year round, keeping them in the circulars will remind shoppers to pick them up. Frequency of promotions is more important than the depth of the promotion.

3. Consumers Who Buy Avocados Buy More! Studies show that consumers who buy Hass avocados spend, on average, a total of $103 per shopping cart—that’s more than double the average sales of non-buyers!
(Source: Avocados from Mexico Market Basket Study from Perishables Group).

4. Latino Population Rise Provides Avocado Marketing Opportunities. The Hispanic population is expected to reach 106 million in 2050, almost double what it is today (U.S. Census Bureau). And their purchasing power is projected to surpass $1.7 trillion by 2017 (IRI).

Plan today to better market Avocados from Mexico to the Latino consumer, for tomorrow’s sales.